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По умолчанию Ultra Slim White Waverly Tuxedo

An ultra slim white Waverly tuxedo is a striking and elegant option for formal events, designed to create a modern and refined appearance. Here are the key features:

Fit: Ultra slim, offering a sharp and tailored silhouette.
Color: Crisp white, exuding sophistication and making a bold statement.
Lapels: Often featuring contrasting black satin shawl or peak lapels for a classic tuxedo look.
Closure: Single-breasted with one or two buttons.
Pockets: Jetted or welt pockets for a sleek finish.
Vent: Single or double vent for ease of movement and comfort.
Fit: Ultra slim, with a tapered leg that complements the jacket’s fit.
Color: Matching white, sometimes with a black satin stripe down the side for added formality.
Details: Flat front, with a clean, streamlined design.
Style: Crisp white dress shirt.
Collar: Spread or wingtip collar, suitable for bow ties.
Cuffs: French cuffs, allowing for elegant cufflinks.
Bow Tie: Black or coordinating white bow tie for a classic look.
Pocket Square: White or contrasting black pocket square.
Shoes: Polished black patent leather shoes.
Additional Elements
Vest or Cummerbund: Optional, in black or matching white for added formality.
Boutonnière: A small, elegant floral boutonnière for a personal touch.
This tuxedo is ideal for making a sophisticated and memorable impression at weddings, galas, and other formal events.
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