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cassiale на пути к лучшему
По умолчанию The Latest BIRKENSTOCK x Manolo Blahnik Collection Is Here Now!

Go up and stand out precious fashionistas because the new Madrid Sandals x Manolo Blahnik collaboration collection has landed. The next cooperation in between the two identified brands is the ideal amalgamation from the innovative and specialized finesse of both brand names.

The iconic BIRKENSTOCK footbed and timeless styles have continued to be the motivation for this collection also. Manolo Blahnik lends his ever playful, interest-taking hold of, and ageless aspects on the classic types. This collection also comes with a new version, created by the revered fashion home.

The right anatomically designed footbed by BIRKENSTOCK is at the key on this partnership, by having an ethos that mixes high fashion with highest comfort and ease. The standard monochromatic color palette allows the vintage polka dot produce a great play ground to create a impressive style declaration. Polka dots are already a Manolo Blahnik timeless because the 70s. Juxtaposing the classic printing with all the unaffected BIRKENSTOCK designs is the reason why this collection clean and desirable.

The favored Boston and Arizona have been because of the Manolo touch of spiritedness and elegance. The alliance also presents a fresh product, Rodra, a swoon-worthy design and style reveling in the best of both worlds: a modern and cheerful design and style, healthy with unparalleled comfort and ease. Discover the collection right here:

Boston Manolo Polka Dots: The typically somber BIRKENSTOCK block has become due to the Manolo Blahnik touch of flamboyance and allure. Reimagined in leg head of hair with all the personal Manolo Blahnik polka dotted printing, this timeless block is anything but fundamental. The footbed, lined with magnificent leather, is likewise protected in polka dots. The clog will make a impressive style statement in grayscale.

Arizona Clear: The incredible BIRKENSTOCK sandal has become offered a contemporary, edgy upgrade inspired by Blahnik's previous choices. It characteristics clear PVC twin straps and black changeable pin buckles. The slightly brought up heel adds elevation. Although the style is encoged through the 70s, the cool angle elevates it as being the ideal modern-day summertime accessory. The glides will appear especially stylish in the poolside. The see-through Arizona variant comes in monochrome coloration options.

Rodra Manolo Polka Dots: Rodra is a style that may be identical components BIRKENSTOCK and Manolo Blahnik. Maintaining the iconic BIRKENSTOCK footbed unchanged, the cross strapped style lends a lively angle, a reverent nod on the ever-acknowledged Manolo Blahnik unique style. The white colored straps with dark polka dots and an variable buckle produce a desirable compare on the black footbed with white-colored dots. The print screams classic, but the style is post-modern ing.

For all those who enjoy a touch of whimsy with their daily day-to-day lives, this collaborative collection can be a aspiration. With the brain from the clouds and feet on a lawn, station your interior Carrie Bradshaw in your personal highly comfortable and classy kind of BIRKENSTOCK x Manolo Blahnik sandals.
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