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По умолчанию Inside The Mysteries Of The Land Of Shadow Revealed In Elden Ring DLC

The recently released trailer for Elden Ring's first major DLC, Shadow of the Erdtree, gave us our first glimpse into a mysterious new location called the Land of Shadow. While details are still scarce, the trailer and official website provided some key insights into what we can expect from this cryptic realm.

According to the website, the Land of Shadow is where Marika first set foot. This implies the location held some significance in her rise to power and the struggle between the various Empyreans vying for the Favor of the Greater Will. It also hints at an "unsung battle" that took place there, though it's unclear if this refers to events during Marika's time or something more recent like Messmer the Hexer's purging of Tarnished.

A Disconnected Realm?
Another interesting detail is that the Land of Shadow is described as being "in the shadow of the Erdtree," yet we access it by touching Miquella's unalloyed gold hand. This suggests the location was once part of the Lands Between but became disconnected from the Golden Order somehow. As the most powerful Empyrean at the time of her ascension, Marika likely had the ability to sever lands from the influence of the Erdtree and Greater Will.

So it's possible she purposely disconnected the Land of Shadow for her own inscrutable reasons. Miquella's involvement also hints that his unique powers are tied to the realm, providing us passage through his blood ritual.

Home To Another Great Tree?
Within the Land of Shadow, glimpses of what seems to be a colossal tree structure can be seen. This has led many players to speculate it could be an inverted or altered version of the Erdtree itself. However, given Miquella's presence and ability to nurture new life, the ular theory is that it's actually part of his unrealized Haligtree.

The Haligtree was meant to be Miquella's realm, protected from the corruption of outer gods by his unalloyed gold. Perhaps in the Land of Shadow we see what remained of his vision after being forcefully exiled by Malenia. It will be fascinating to uncover the true nature of this enigmatic tree and how it ties into Miquella and the shadows grasping at the fringes of the Lands Between.

Secrets Still To Uncover
While these small details tease many mysteries, a huge number of questions remain unanswered about the Land of Shadow. Exactly when and why did Marika disconnect it? What was the "unsung battle" that occurred there? How does it relate to Miquella's plans for the Haligtree? Exploring its shadowy forests and ruins may shed light on these unknown history and give profound new understanding of Marika, Miquella and the purpose of the Elden Ring itself.

With the release of Elden Ring's first major DLC soon, players will get to venture into the Land of Shadow and uncover its long buried secrets for themselves. And who knows, finding certain rare artifacts within its hidden glades may even provide a fast way to gain enough Elden Ring runes for powerful new builds to face the challenges that surely await.
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